The Ethereal Symphony

“When words leave off, music begins.”

-Heinrich Heine

I close my eyes. The serenade floats in the ether. It flows through the magical dust and filters through my soul and makes my heart flutter with joy and serenity. Music fills the void in my being, reaching every dark corner and occupying those unexplored spaces filled with pain, anguish, and regret. The hollow resonance of the Theremin and the mellifluous harmony of the violin transform the world around me into an aura of sorcery and magic. As the symphony reaches its crescendo, my soul leaves my materialistic being, uplifted and cleansed.

This is one of those profound moments in which realization hits me, like rolling waves hitting the shore. Music is not just a random combination of notational whims. It is the culmination of emotions, experiences, and lives. The lives of the musician and the bridges that connect us all. It is the induction of the abstract into tangible reality. It is a sacred escape from the trivial anomalies of life.

It entwines me with those vibrating strings around me, amalgamating me with those waves I can feel, and makes me one with the dust. The wind takes me to places I have never heard of, places that exist only in the niches and nuances of the piece. It introduces me to the smell of the spectrum, the colours filling my ears and gurgling and pouring till I drown in the rainbow pool, with no intention of ever leaving the calm. I want to drown. I drown. I am consumed by the pacific sea of the octave. I hope I never come back.

I slowly open my eyes, a strange fear gripping my spirit. I fear the rush of reality that shall strike when that world is left behind. My eyes are open, and yet I still feel complacent. The world around me has changed. Every sound is music. Every smell is music. Every conscience is music. The wind has not seized. I am still floating. The sounds of reality merge with the sounds of my space. This mesmerizing picture painted on an invisible yet perceptible canvas whispers into my heart and mind and reminds me of all that is beautiful and hopeful and all that makes this life worth living. The invisible bond that exists between me and the world beyond is made evident by the wings that music gives me. It lets me fly. It lets me leave.


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche